Siding & Painting

If you are looking to keep your siding maintenance costs to a minimum and keep water out of your home,  like your roof, you'll want to keep it in good shape. If you keep even the inexpensive fiberboard/masonite well painted it will last  years. Here are some of instances that siding is no longer performing as intended.

Siding needing repair

Siding setting on shingles


Siding can deteriorate when applied directly on shingle as seen here. There should be about 3/4" gap between the shingles and siding or else siding will sop up water on shingles causing it to rot in just a few years as well as leak into your home.

Siding not painted or sealed adequately


If siding is neglected from lack of paint or caulk, water will penetrate and cause it to rot and leak into your home.

Doozy Painting and Siding crews.

Experience Counts

Our painting crews have cumulative 25+ years of experience.

Our painting crews have 25+ years experience.

Allegence to Paint Quality


Our paint brand of choice is Sherwin-Williams. With the greatest number of colors and grades to choose from it is our go-to manufacturer.

Attention to Detail


We walk the paint project when completed to make sure we have met expectations.

Siding Against a Roof Line


We install siding within 1/2 to 3/4" above the roof line so that your siding does not absorb the water the shingles are shedding, and thus deteriorate.

Power Wash


If you are only having your siding repainted rather than replaced, we power-wash it for the paints best adhesion.

Apply new sealants/caulk


For the best look and protection of your siding both masonite and cement board, we re-caulk gaps .

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Shapes of siding we replace

Lap siding


Lap siding is one of the most common in Houston area

Lap and Gap siding

This Lap and Gap is also know as channel siding.

Very common in Houston area as well. Notice the gap between boards is which it gets its name.

Sheet siding


Panel siding is among the top three most common in Houston. Is less costly than lap siding to install because can be installed much faster since sheets are 4 x 8'.

Variety of Sidings


We install these as well


Countless Styles of Siding

 Have Dennis come out and see your siding to see what type it is. And he'll  likely determine  that we can find the replacement siding for the repair project. Rest assured that Doozy's crews have experience installing every siding material whether cement, fiber, or real wood. Call Dennis to make your appointment.